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I like this Google idea – I hope it works!!
Google’s New Music Store Favors Artists And Users, Not The Record Industry
By Matt Rosoff | Nov. 16, 2011, 5:50 PM | 292 | 2
Google just took the wraps off its new music store, which the company has been hinting at for more than 18 months now.
It’s a pretty traditional download store on the lines of iTunes (which has been around for eight years now) and Amazon MP3, but with a few interesting twists, like free music sharing via Google+.
The biggest difference, though, is that Google will allow any artist to create an artist page and upload and sell music through the store. That’s a huge switch from how iTunes and other stores do it.
This could create some logistical nightmares for Google: it will have to deal with customer support issues from potentially millions of musicians, including things like copyright (say a band uploads an unauthorized cover version or a recording that they didn’t even make) and fraud (where scammers use stolen credit cards to “buy” millions of copies of a song they uploaded themselves).
But on the whole, it’s a pretty bold move in favor of independent artists.

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